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This course is a study system for helping you pass the CSCS Exam.

The course includes in depth videos and quizzes covering all topics on the CSCS Exam including Exercise Science, Nutrition, Program Design, Exercise Technique, and more. 

The course walks you step by step through videos and quizzes designed to efficiently teach you what you need to know to pass the CSCS exam.




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Matt Casturo, DPT, CSCS is a strength coach and physical therapist. He has his Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, has worked in high school strength and conditioning, corporate fitness, and personal training. Matt runs The Movement System, an educational platform with the mission to Make The World Stronger.



"Matt does a great job teaching and breaking down the concepts in ways that make sense and are memorable. It's almost impossible not to absorb what's being explained. The structure provides easy to access learning on your own schedule" - Kathy

"I have read the textbook all the way through, but still couldn't get the information to click. I found the Study Course and I'm so glad I did! It has helped me understand and retain the information so much better." - Bailey H

 "Thank you for your brilliant CSCS prep course. I have a MSc in Sports Strength and Conditioning but can honestly say your course and youtube videos really gave me a lot of "light bulb" moments and really helped me to fully understand and learn many concepts that I would have had a vague idea about.    - Eric C

"I have passed my CSCS exam this morning. Your study course, test, and YouTube videos were the main reason why. The course was easy to follow, explained concepts effectively, and wasn't overwhelming. Thank you again and keep up the work." - Sam W

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